Q & A and FAQ’s

1Q: What do I receive if I qualify as a patient?

After comprehensive exam and testing, we identify what are the primary stresses that are causing the body the lose function, if there are no complicating factors (conditions so severe or advanced that biomedical services are needed) we then need to determine the rate and speed of a patients response to treatment. Once this has been completed we then review compare (with previous similar cases) and prescribe a treatment program that meets the needs of each patient.

2Q: What treatments and treatment plans do you provide?

Each prescribed treatment plan is designed to achieve maximum patient results in the shortest time possible. We educate, coach, treat, inspire, support and motivate you to reach your goals. Programs can include any and all of the following. 

  1. Custom education curriculum binder and treatment schedule, this is your personal tracking and educational source, read it, use it, and keep track of your progress.
  2. Functional testing, including saliva hormone testing to measure the potential hormonal imbalances. Heavy metals testing are used to screen for heavy metal poisoning to one or many heavy metals which build up in the body sometimes over many years.
  1. Therapeutic Micro Neurostimulation (AKA Medical Acupuncture) for blood flow related conditions,  this modern use of this evidenced based medicine is founded on an ancient therapeutic modality that works by the precise and gentle application of micro filaments at key locations that signal and stimulate the body to restore blood flow to affected areas. 
  1. Custom botanical Medicines for organ function support and hormone balance. Each custom formulae is a blend of between 20 -40 individual natural plant based extracts (no drugs are included) like “miracle grow” for the body.
  1. Organ Detoxification is a metabolic process by which the toxic properties trapped in the body are removed naturally during an extended period.
  1. Gut Health and Nutritional supplementation can include vitamins, essential minerals, food supplements, and other needed products to enhance dietary intake.
  1. Weight loss, includes a reduction of the total body mass, from the loss of , adipose tissue (fat) and fluids.
  1. Nutrition and life style modifications are used to correct conditions that have developed and have been caused by unhealthy eating habits. 
  1. Medical massage therapy, is manual therapy correctly administered by specialized experts after the correct diagnosis and prescription of targeted therapy for specific results.

Q3: Summarize what you do?

Customized testing and examination, comprehensive integrated natural treatment programs to correct the root issues (not just mask the symptoms) needed to restore optimum function for each person in the shortest possible time, and personalized education and training for long term health maintenance.

Q4: What conditions do people come to you to improve or correct?

Chronic pains, Anxiety, Depression, Sleep, Digestive, Fatigue, Energy, Infertility, Libido, Hormone Balance, Disease prevention (ie, Diabetes, Heart Conditions), Function restoration (from Strokes, or injuries)

Q5: How much time will it take?

Everyone wants “it” now! However nature does not operate on that schedule. The short answer is, our comprehensive integrated treatment programs help accelerate the bodies self-healing mechanism, each patient is slightly different and the more severe a condition is the longer your body will take to repair itself. Programs can range from a few months to over a year in severe cases. 

Q6: What are my options?

You have THREE options. 1. Keep living and adapting to your health problem (hope, wait and pray) 2. Ask your medical physician if there are other drugs or any surgeries they can prescribe. 3. Correct the problems naturally. If you prefer the natural approach decide how important it is for you to restore your health and function issues (use the 1-10 scale of importance) if it’s really important (an 8 or higher) then make the commitment to yourself to take action and begin the best treatment program designed for you.

Q6: What is really important for me to do?

Make a decision to start care, complete your treatment program, show up on time for all your treatments, follow instructions, enjoy life, have fun and share your positive success with your friends and family members, (they are suffering too!)

Q7: Will it hurt?

Short answer NO. This does not mean that during or after every treatment you will feel 100% better with all your problems magically disappearing. You live in a human body, and some people are more sensitive than others and respond at different speeds.  There will be days with positive and negative changes, this is normal. Over the long term function will increase and symptoms disappear and reduce. 

Q8: I want to recommend your programs to friends I think need your help, what is the best way?

We grow by providing the best services we possibly can, we know that you want to help the people you love and care for. Tell us who you would like to help and we will give you a gift and information you can give to them free of charge.  Feel free to bring them in on one of your treatment sessions also. We thank you for helping us help as many people who are suffering as possible. 

Q9: What happens after I complete my treatment program?

We all have heard the old saying that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Most patients want to retain all the positive changes they have achieved during their corrective care plans. We make it easy and affordable for everyone to do so. We provide a $250 credit towards any of our stabilization and maintenance programs AFTER you have completed the following! 

  1. You finished your treatment plan
  2. You participated in one of our training classes with at least one or more friend or family members (they become your support team mates)
  3. You have written and tracked your Life Goals, including starting your Appreciation Journaling
  4. You have participated at your best during your treatment program

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