Our mission at TWIOA is to find and correct the underlying cause of your health conditions.

The foundation of our treatment programs are:


1. Correct blood flow restoration (to the Organs, Glands and Tissues)

2. Organ Detoxification and Function restoration

3. Hormone balance, Gut Health and Nutritional supplementation


If any part of the body has been affected by a blockage, or restriction of blood flow, sooner or later that organ, gland or tissue will begin to loose function and die. Much like a plant needs water each area of our body needs the life restoring and healing properties transported in the blood stream.


Give a garden what it needs and remove what it doesn’t and the plants will return to optimum bloom. We believe this is the same for the human body, it (the body) only has one job, that is to process and continuously repair it self 24/7.

We remove what is not needed and replenish what is needed and this God given body will always do the correct things… restore your health and function.


Hormones travel in the blood stream and basically control all of the bodies’ vital functions and keep the body in the best balance they can. For example:

  1. The Adrenal Glands (on top of the kidneys) respond to the multiple stresses that we are exposed to.
  2. The Thyroid Gland regulates metabolism
  3. Ovarian and Pituitary Glands Regulate our sex hormones

Restoring normal Hormone production helps restore balance and promotes optimum function in all areas of the body, physically and emotionally.


You are what you eat. Quality not Quantity. We all this yet we are a nation of over eaters of highly processed and sugared “foods”. Our body does not judge us, it just continues to do the best it can to clean process and distribute what is needed to where it is needed. Nothing is every perfect, however by providing the body the missing nutrients it needs amazing results can be achieved.


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