We believe that a great life is spent in the service of others, and as we are all God’s children we here at The Wellness Institute of America will do our very best to help transform the quality of each patient we serve.


We believe that educating the patient on simple natural ways they can improve a physical or emotional problem.


We believe that finding and naturally treating the root causes of a person health issues is always the best choice.


We believe that referring a patient to another expert for more specialist services is sometimes the best thing to do.


We believe that it’s best to listen, to examine, to test and only then prescribe the best approach for each individual patient.


We believe that working together as an integrated medical team is the quickest and best way to treat both acute and chronic conditions needed to get our patients what they each individually want.


We believe that the body knows how to heal itself and that most diseases can be reversed.


We believe in finding the root causes and then treating them with the right tools, not just masking the symptoms.


We believe in helping people, who really want our help; we don’t drag anyone to any place they don’t want to go.


We believe that the most important first step to solving health problems is to actually make the commitment to one self to take action and then follow the plan. Time waits for no man!


We believe that nothing exists in isolation, your back is not separate from your uterus, or your gut is not separate from your eyes. You are a whole interconnected being.


We believe that testing is better than guessing


We believe that “Health Insurance” is great for emergencies but it should not focus on just numbing the symptoms with endless drugs, or decide and tell you for you what is best for your Health Care.


We believe that real Health is optimum full body function physically and emotionally.


We believe that if the natural treatment therapies we use didn’t work they would have not been continuously used for thousands of years.


We believe in telling you what is really needed not just what you think is needed.


We believe that no-body has a lack of…Zoloft, Paxil or Prozac etc etc.


We believe that sometimes slower is better, and that we can learn from the wisdom of our ancestors.


We believe in education because each person will then know what is best path for themselves.


We believe that peace, love and kindness is really the answer.


We believe that each day brings a new beginning and new opportunity.


We believe that doing it today is better than putting it off until later.


We believe in looking for the God in each person and treating them accordingly.